Title:  Cat with Quilt
Collaborative Art
Quilt:  Judy Saucerman
Painting:  Barbara Orisich
57" x 56"
For Sale (contact barbara)

This collaborative art project plays on the number two (2 cats, 2 gardenias, and so on). See if you can find the duo images. Humor abounds in the bottle label and a news-clipping on the shelf which discusses methods for catching golden-mantled ground squirrels. The cat painting, oil on wood, fits neatly into a groove on the shelf. The quilt hangs as the backdrop.

Judy's Words
I collaborated with a friend and created this quilt. I enjoy the dual iteration, and images. We did not work closely together during the creation, yet I am pleased that the work came together so well. I mostly used fabrics I had on hand. How nice to find just the right colors sitting in one's stash, waiting to be worked into an expression of art and love.