Title: Sugar
Oil on canvas
24" x 18"
Private Collection (commission)

Buyer's Story
I was looking for the “perfect” gift for my partner. My idea was to capture a portrait of his dog, Sugar, who was getting older in age at the time of the commission. Barbara incorporated all of Sugar’s favorite things into the painting with incredible detail and captured her spirit without exception. It was a birthday gift for my partner, and I arranged to have the painting placed (discreetly) in an antique store in Decatur. On his birthday and on our way to dinner, we “happened” to stop by the antique store to browse around ahead of our dinner reservation. As we walked through looking around, he spotted the painting – which left him speechless on a number of levels. It is one of the most memorable moments of our relationship, and to this day, still hangs in a special place in our home and in our hearts.