Commission Me to Paint Your Story

What is your story?
  • Who are your characters?
  • Where does your story take place?
  • Does something happen or change?
  • Is a message visually revealed?
A commissioned painting of your story will involve the following:
  1. We agree on a size and a price.
  2. You share your story and spend time with me discussing what's important to you. When I begin working on your project, you will owe 25% of the total amount due at this time.
  3. You provide or we jointly take photos and obtain reference images.
  4. I render a small drawing to scale and submit it for your approval. This may take multiple versions. Once you accept the drawing, you pay another 25% of the total amount due.
  5. I create an under-painting for your approval. As I build your painting, I periodically e-mail low-resolution images for your review. Upon completion and acceptance of your painting, you pay the remaining 50% amount due. Any paintings not accepted become the property of the artist and can be sold as such.
Any shipping or delivery costs will be assessed separately. It is assumed you will pick up your painting in person unless otherwise negotiated.

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